Visit Watertown Branding

Designed for Simpleview, Inc

Art Direction: Travis Yewell & Andrea Martinez
Design Assistance: Sydney Graham


Project Details

Watertown, South Dakota is a unique and innovative midwest city that was looking for a new visual identity that would unite locals and inspire visitors. To kick off the project, members of the project team traveled to Watertown to taste the local flavors and experience the warmth and friendliness of the destination firsthand. As lead designer, I drew inspiration from the city’s history, standout attractions, unique architectural details, and the people of Watertown themselves. The result is a flexible identity system that is ready for business cards, t-shirts, websites, signage and everything in between.

After the unveiling of the new Visit Watertown logo, we received requests for three additional related area organization logos: Watertown Development Company, Downtown Watertown, and the City of Watertown government. With a unique approach to each additional logo, we expanded the Watertown visual identity to encompass all four unique, but related organizations. For more information, read the Simpleview case study on the project.

Primary Logo

Logo System

Collateral Samples

Expanded Area Logo System

Watertown Development Company Identity

Downtown Watertown Identity

City of Watertown Identity