July 20, 2014
Design Life

I am kind of obsessed with vintage stuff. I collect vintage ads, ephemera and art supplies. I look to these historical references for inspiration, and know I am but a dwarf standing on the shoulder of giants.The graphic design tools I have at my disposal to create with today are amazing (Adobe Software! MacBook Pro!), but the earlier tools were a reminder that they are all just tools — objects we use to implement our ideas. They have and will no doubt continue to change rapidly. Being a creative person and a graphic designer to me is not just about knowing how to use the tools of the trade, but more importantly about how to be a problem solver, an idea generator. A great design solution is not tool dependent, it starts with a great idea and the tools come later.

Graphic Design Tools, Eureka Interlocking Adjustable Brass Stencils, date unknown
Eureka Interlocking Adjustable Brass Stencils, date unknown

Graphic Design Tools, Victor Ellipse-O-Graph, date unknown
Victor Ellipse-O-Graph, date unknown